Links After a Tough Weekend

It was not a good weekend for the Ducks.  Two lackluster efforts lead to two losses in three days.  Now they hit the road for seven in a row starting tomorrow in Chicago.  I was busy writing though.  Here are the links from the weekend.

Hockeytalk:  When will the NHL get it’s act together and grandfather in mandatory visors?

Anaheim Calling:

Coyotes @ Ducks Preview:

Coyotes @ Ducks Recap:

Also Saturday was the Ducks annual Faceoff Fest where season ticket holders could get autographs, tour the locker room, skate on the ice and much, much more.  After having gone to the event several years in a row I’ve become jaded.  We only really cared to get one autograph, Cam Fowler on my third jersey, but we had a chance to meet up with Robby from Anaheim Calling and have a chat while we waited a good hour and a half for Bobby Ryan’s signature.  Incidentally, Robby did a writeup for AC on Faceoff Fest that posted this morning.

I had a couple of hot dogs, skated for 15 minutes and we left, with not too much excitement.  I did notice Robby hanging around taking pictures with his 11 month old son Trevor, looking like they were having a grand old time.  That got me pretty excited for Faceoff Fests in years to come.  Maybe Amy and I have become jaded about it, but bringing a kid who’s never experienced anything like that before and who, frankly, the event is geared toward is bound to be much more rewarding.


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